Pregnant Women and Infants

Since the cruise lines are not equipped with major medical facilities onboard, they have established very strict policies with regard to expectant mothers and infants. Each cruise line requires expectant mothers to provide a physician's letter (faxed in advance or hand delivered at the time of check-in) stating that the guest is in good health, fit to travel, and that the pregnancy is not high risk. The letter must also include the expected date of the child's birth.

Typically, a letter is not required for infants to travel. However, each cruise line has a minimum age requirement for guests traveling, which will be verified upon check-in at the pier. This minimum age requirement varies by cruise line and even itinerary. Always tell your Vacations To Go cruise counselor if you are pregnant or planning to cruise with an infant to insure you meet all required guidelines.

Pregnant Women: MSC cannot for safety reasons carry pregnant passengers of 24 weeks or more by the end of the cruise. In the event the passenger intends to bring on board any child under the age of 12 months, MSC recommends seeking medical advice from the child’s physician confirming fitness to travel on an international ocean voyage.

Infants: Must be at least 6 months old to sail.

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